Date: 9th March 2010 at 8:58am
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I’m choosing to see the bright side….

This Liverpool season has really helped me become a better kind of supporter. I was really impressed with the way I managed to watch that crap last night without getting severely upset. I managed to hold my calm and let the total crapness of our display slide off my back with ease. I watched as Kuyt delivered a defence splitting pass to the opposition without even a heart tremor. I didn’t even rise up in anger as Gerrard passed the ball out for a throw or to the opposition on numerous occasions. Even Torres’ misses didn’t rattle my cage. I was like an ice block sitting in a nice bath of 12 year old whisky. Even when Carragher rounded Reina and saw his attempted clearance loop towards goal I remained steadfast. As Sotorios cleared off the line I didn’t even get that old feeling of relief missed with euphoria.

Football - Wigan Athletic v Liverpool Barclays Premier League

I was cooler than cool….I was ice cold!

I really love Liverpool…but the “like” is going! We are now like the old married couple who still have love but the heat is fading. We enjoy sitting together in silence, occasionally looking across at each other. Sometimes we share a joke together. Or we will spend an afternoon remembering fondly the good times we have shared. How wonderful it was when we romped all across England and Europe. Doing it everywhere. The intensity of our nights together. Remember that night in Istanbul my love. What a climax! But alas these are fading memories. More often now we do it at home but it’s often unconvincing. Hardly ever away! We go to budget hotels in Europe but even then we don’t get to it. We still manage to get it on when there’s a special occasion. Like in Manchester or just down the road at Goodison.

I’ll say it though. I miss it when it was good.

Maybe we need some Viagra to get the umph! Back into our nights! That passion, that hunger, that lust for success! Right now though we struggling to get it up…to fourth


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