Date:14th January 2010 at 8:45am
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My initial reaction following last nights loss to Reading was that we must get rid of Rafa as soon as possible and that Liverpool needs a total ‘reboot’, something similar to CTRL+ALT+DEL. “Get him out now” was my thought. But again I look at the work that’s gone into reshaping the football side of Liverpool and I think we are on the right track. The academy is better, the scouting is better, the first team is better (on paper), the value of the club is better. That is a solid foundation for a long term dynasty of Liverpool success. It’s a lot more like the Liverpool of old that had the best structure in the league and the best young players in the league, the best run business in the league. Those are the things that got lost since Dalglish was manager and only now are they coming back. That project is what will make us a force again.

Sports - November 24, 2007

Man Utd. allowed Fergie to do the same when he came in during the 80’s. They built the best ground in the league, the best academy, the best training facility, the best business model. During that time they avoided relegation on the last day of the season on one occasion. But all that effort in setting themselves up properly has really paid off big time. They rode out the tough times and came out the better for it. One thing they did which we haven’t set about doing is buying great players. Man Utd. spent huge during those days. They broke transfer records at will.

I can’t remember the last time Liverpool actually had an all encompassing plan for the football Organization (not just the game plan). Under Souness the plan was “We’ll win coz we are Liverpool”. Under Evans it was “We’ll win coz I’m from the bootroom”. Under Houllier it was “We’ll win if we sign a lot of French guys”. There was no mention of managing the brand. No mention of maximising sponsorship earnings. No mention or physical plans for a truly world class stadium. These are the ingredients Man Utd. put together to end up where they are today. But we were stuck in the past thinking we are football royalty.

Only now are we actually thinking about Liverpool as an organization and not just a football club. This is not a social footy squad that just lands on match day to play!

I think we need to persist with the plan we have started. It looks good to me. I think the owners must support the plan with big money so that we can be competitive. We need to shake our season awake. A major world class signing would be the perfect boost for the whole team. Confidence is the only thing missing right now. The potential is definitely there.

We must hold our nerve people, ride out the storm. We’ll come out better for it on the other side.