Date:25th August 2009 at 6:00am
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It is mornings like this that I hate. I went to bed very angry last night following our 3-1 loss at home to Aston Villa. I have woken up this morning thinking that I am okay and I am over the result but I am lying to myself. It still hurts big time. Where did it all go wrong last night? Everywhere I think!

Going into the match, I was positive that we were going to win following our performance against Stoke and the fact that Villa have started the season off poorly. Where I saw us winning the game was in central midfield as Villa looked very thin there going into the game. They have not been helped by the loss of Gareth Barry. Then when I saw their team sheet and saw that John Carew was not starting or even on the bench, I relaxed into my sofa and expected to see a win for us.

We should have scored very early on in the game when Torres, Benayoun and Gerrard all had an opportunity. That early goal would have just calmed the nerves and we would have probably gone on to score three or four. But the longer the game went and we failed to find the back of the net, the more frustrated the players got. And to make it worse Villa then scored or should I say Lucas scored.

For me, Lucas should be sold or loaned out or sent to the reserves!!! I have never had much faith in this guy and I gave him the benefit of the doubt and thought he should have a chance but last night he did NOTHING for us besides score an own goal. The own goal aside; just in general play, Lucas offered us NOTHING. What is this guy doing in the starting lineup? What really pissed me off was that there were times Mascherano was playing ahead of Lucas. I am sure this was not a tactic by Rafa but rather Mascherano seeing that Lucas is doing nothing going forward so I may as well do it myself.

When Lucas did get the ball, he did not look for a pass going forward but rather looked to spray the passes back or laterally. No forward momentum from Lucas at all. No forward runs by him into the box. So I ask yet again, “What is the guy doing in the team?” MoKo has defended Lucas in the past but I wonder how he will feel today after seeing Lucas’ game last night.

We can not shoulder all the blame on Lucas but I will shoulder 90% of it on him! The other 10% will be split up: Gerrrard had one of his worst games ever last night and he simply did not seem on song. Torres too was not at his best. Even though he got our only goal, he is still far from living up to his tag as the worlds best striker. I would shoulder 2% of the blame of those two and the rest will go to VORONIN and BABEL!!

These two only came on as second half subs but what piss poor games they had. I don’t think Voronin even knew where he was for the time he was on the field. As for Babel he came on and was meant to look lively but all he did was take long range shots at goal which never found the target. Two other players I would sell within a minute if ever I was incharge at Liverpool.

I may be writing this post out of frustration and I may be sounding too harsh or critical but I am pissed off. It hurts me everytime I see Liverpool loose. And now we are already 6 points off the pace. Some will say it is still too early but 6 points behind is 6 points behind and that is a FACT. We need to seriously knuckle down and make a plan going forward.

As drastic as this may sound but we need to do it until Aquilani gets fit: Stevie needs to come back and play in central midfield in place of Lucas. Then we put Benayoun in the hole behind Torres and then Riera wide on the left. This will give us a bit more structure and control in the midfield. For the sake of the team, Stevie needs to come back into central midfield right now, because the longer we keep Lucas there, the more trouble we are going to be in!