Date: 24th July 2009 at 12:51am
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Hello everyone,

Do any of you find yourselves at this time of the year nearly as concerned as you are down the stretch in April and May?  So much of what is to come can be done or undone in this window where we actually never even get on the pitch.

Strangely enough, even with the year we had there are far more reports these days of players heading out of Anfield as opposed to in.  I think this is a good sign though, as it’s proof that Rafa’s new transfer policy is winning out at least for the time being.  For now, it seems as though we’re back to the old Liverpool way of business on the transfer front, and that is the same way you’d like to see the team going after it on the pitch. Namely, with your head down and your head on straight until the whistle blows.   Why let everyone in on what we’re doing, when it benefits everyone but us?  It says a lot that Rafa is willing to publicly bow out on players, even perhaps some we may have been interested in previously.  He is smart enough to keep fees down as we’re not going to outspend anyone for the most part.

This is just a mind game, as he put it in December.  Take a look at what the Manure have been saying these past few days.

Just as we want to keep it quiet, here they are blabbing it up about how much cash they have to spend to make it more expensive for everyone else when it really means they are mostly finished, with maybe another signing to come later on in the summer once the market settles.

I think this is an area where we weren’t even contending with clubs like United and Madrid etc. etc.  We were still living in the 1980s when the politics were a little less complex and the people a little less slimy.  Now at least we are moving quickly where we choose and let these games play out without our participation in them.  They nearly throttled our last campaign in the crib with all that Gareth Barry bs.

With all that said, what to do about this year’s squad?

1.  Sign a young cheap center half no one has ever heard of before (ala Skrtel/Agger)

2. Get another out and out attacker to support and at times relieve Gerrard and Torres (Silva/Sneijder/Higuain)

3.Find a physically imposing and pacy winger to dominate the wide areas (Srna)

This is all fairly straightforward stuff here for most of us I would say.  It’s no secret that a little more depth and flair up front would have won us the title.  Now should we sell Alonso or Mascherano, perhaps both, everything will be different as we will need to add another signing or two in their places.  I think those would be our hardest players to find, as well as change our entire outlook as our spine would be altered.

Thoughts on where we’re at so far?

p.s. This guy would be a star…. Dario Srna – Croatian right sided midfielder


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