Date: 1st July 2009 at 6:24am
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I am getting increasing frustrated with all this talk about Alonso leaving us this summer. I do not want Alonso to leave as I think he is a critical part of our team. There are very few who are better at passing the ball in the game today than him. I can understand why he would want to leave, it is no secret that he had a fallout with Rafa last summer when Rafa wanted to sell him to fund the Gareth Barry deal. But Rafa found no buyers and Alonso stayed and had his best season ever in a red shirt. Torres has come out and said that for us to challenge this season we need to keep our best players and I fully agree with him. Alonso is one of our best players.

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But then on the other hand, if Alonso wants to leave and does not want to play for Liverpool anymore then I think he should go. There is no point having a player in the team who does not want to play for you. My concern with that though is who will we get to replace Alonso?

Gareth Barry would have been a good option but he has now gone to Manchester City. If we get the £35m Rafa is demanding for Alonso, we will have some decent enough cash in the kitty to buy a decent replacement for Alonso but I have no idea who.

Do you think we should allow Alonso to go to Madrid? If he does go, who do you think we should sign to replace him?


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