Date: 6th April 2009 at 6:00am
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I was reading a report yesterday on the Daily Express that Hicks and Gillett may finally be ready to sell the club to Nasser Al Kharafi from Kuwait, the 49th richest man in the world worth £9 billion. I have not been a fan of our American owners at all as they have failed to deliver what they promised us when they bought the club. Now I have a smile on my face at the possibility of being taken over by someone who seems to have the cash to meet our ambitions.

It is no secret that we need some serious cash for two reasons: to build a new stadium and to buy a couple of world class players. According to the report, Nasser Al Kharafi would be buying Liverpool for £450 million if he ends up taking full control of the club but Hicks may be stubborn and refuse to sell all his shares in the club. I just hope Hicks decides to walk away totally from the club and leave it to Kharafi and his millions, or should I say billions.

The thought of finally having some serious cash to spend in the transfer market excites me. Imagine being able to serious bid for the likes of David Villa, David Silva and Daniel Alves? Who knows, maybe even the Messi’s and Kaka’s of this world! Let’s wait and see what happens.


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