Date: 2nd April 2009 at 7:30am
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I thought as much! Over the last couple of months when Rafa was refusing to sign the new contract, many had suspected that he may just quit. I recall reading some reports that talk of Rafa quitting was not true but now he has come out and said that the thought of quitting had crossed his mind. It was only natural to think that he may quit after all the fighting that was going on at board room level.

Rafa wants to run Liverpool in his own way and he was not going to be allowed to until the American owners gave in to his demands and accepted what Rafa wanted. Now I guess the ball is in Rafa’s court, now that he has been allowed to do things his way. I have a lot of faith in Rafa and I am sure that now he has signed a new contract he can do things his way and hopefully it will bring success to us.

In Rafa We Believe!


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