Date: 31st March 2009 at 12:16pm
Written by:

I am sure there are many fans sitting composing new songs and chants to welcome John Terry to their grounds after his tea-leaf mother provided us with enough ammo to last to the end of next season never mind this one. Obviously the credit crunch has hit Jt very hard in the pocket and the £125000+ wages cannot stretch to help his family survive in these difficult times. I feel so sorry for them…NOT… but I bet if i got caught nicking over £1300 worth of goods I wouldn’t be let of with a caution…get them into the nick where they belong.

But enough of the soap-box rant. We have all been on the receiving end of the old favourite “In your Liverpool Slums” from away supporters at Anfield. Funnily enough it is Chelsea more than others who love this wee tune as their Pimms drinking, Prawn sandwich eating supporters like to remind us of how much money they earn/have. Well i thought it was about time a new version was released and I would like to thank Ms Terry for the inspiration.

In your Chelsea slums,

You steal from Tesco’s for something to eat,

An M&S tracksuit and then some dog meat,

In your Chelsea slums.”

Very simple re-write but good fun.

Tonka Out – YNWA



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