Date: 27th March 2009 at 8:00am
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There is one story dominating the papers today and it is about Rafa making a move for David Silva in the summer. With the amount of press being given to this story, I would like to believe that Rafa is actually after Silva. But knowing Rafa, he is going to be asked about this at his next press conference and he will deny it! I would love to see Liverpool sign David Silva. He could just be the other world class player we need in our squad. I guess the main stumbling block in this transfer is going to be the price tag on Silva. Valencia need money and they are set to sell their big name players this summer so they could be tempted to get the most out of their sales as possible.

It is said that Rafa only has 30 million pounds to spend this summer and if the reports are accurate that Valencia will want in the region of 20 million for Silva then Rafa will have very little left to buy other players if he settles for Silva.

I would not mind if we spent 20 million on Silva, I think he is a class player. Having Silva play on the left or right of midfield will give us that creative flair we lack at times when trying to unlock defences. Silva may not have lightning pace but his flair makes up for it. An attacking three of Torres, Gerrard and Silva would be lethal.

What do you think about signing Silva? And should we spend a lot on him?


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