Date:18th March 2009 at 11:56pm
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It’s now official, Rafa Benitez has signed on to lead the Reds for a further five years.  As you can read yourself on the official site, following the end of this deal, he will have been at the helm of Liverpool for over a decade.

With the club now possessing the #1 ranking over the past five years in European competition I don’t see how there is any way to receive this news as anything but joyous.  Add to that our continued progress in the league with, let’s admit it, far lesser financial clout and you have a recipe for success that is unrivaled in England or elsewhere.

With several seasons more to grow and develop, perhaps we’ll be the ones contemplating quadruples and quintuples before you know it.

Congratulations Rafa, but more importantly congratulations to you and me and everyone who loves this club.

Today is a major turning point in our history and from here it seems that we’re heading in the best direction possible.

p.s.  Hello to you all again, some personal issues have kept me out of action, but I hope to return on a permanent basis.

Come on you Reds!