Date: 13th March 2009 at 9:50am
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Rafa’s contract saga could finally be resolved in the next two weeks, according to Rafa himself. The boss wants his contract sorted out in the next two weeks with the American owners. I hope that this time around everyone agrees and we have no more drama and Rafa signs the contract and everyone is happy and life can go on.

It is no secret that Rafa wants to stay at Liverpool and stay for a very long time. It only makes sense, he needs assurances that he can put together a long term project at the club. We have come a long way and we should allow Rafa to finish off the work he has started. This season we could just finish second which would be a sign of progress. It would have been a tall order for us to move from fourth to first in one season. Yes we had a great chance to win the title this season but we blew it. Hopefully now we can learn from this so we are better prepared next season.

I do not think you need to be a rocket scientist to figure out what we need to win the league. It is simple we need a quality squad. And to have a quality squad we need cash! If the American owners can sell the club in the summer to someone with a load of cash then I do not see how we can not win the league.

But first thing is first for me, let’s get Rafa on a long term contract and get some cash and then we can move forward.


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