Date:3rd February 2009 at 7:48am
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What a joke! Jose Bosingwa has gone unpunished after his stomping of Yossi Benayoun in the game on Sunday against Chelsea. I just can not believe this! Firstly, The referees assistant who was standing 30 centimeters away from the incident did not award a foul when players who were meters away saw it. Worse still, they did not even award Liverpool a freekick and instead gave Chelsea the foul. Whoever that referee’s assistant was should NEVER be allowed to officiate again if he could not see that!


What is making this even worse is that this assistant ref says he saw the incident so why did you not blow? Under FIFA law, the FA are prohibited from taking disciplinary action when incidents are seen at the time by the match officials. So because of this law, Bosingwa can not be punished. If the assistant had said he did not see the incident then Bosingwa would probably be getting a serious ban.

The FA has to step in here and make an exception to the law because this is sickening. There was not too much difference between Bosingwa’s actions and that of Cantona years ago when he got banned for months.

Bosingwa has apologised but I feel it too late to apologise. The guy has to be punished!