Date: 2nd February 2009 at 5:53am
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Please forgive me for writing this post late, after last nights amazing win, I could not help but celebrate at the local pub infront of all the Man Utd fans! So waking up this morning was harder than I thought. As they say, “It is the result that matters” and this was what we were all about yesterday. For long periods during the game, I thought that we were headed for ANOTHER draw in the Premiership. When I saw our starting lineup before the match, I was confident. For me Reina, Arbeloa, Skrtel, Carragher, Aurelio, Riera, Alonso, Mascherano, Kuyt, Gerrard and Torres is the best 11 we can put out right now. As Rafa has said after the game, we were far better than Chelsea even when it was still 11 versus 11.

Football - Liverpool v Chelsea Barclays Premier League

I honestly feel that Lampard’s red card was not fair and looking at the replay again, Alonso actually put in a worse challenge than Lampard did. There is just something about Alonso attracting players to get red cards this season. I think Lampard was the fourth player this term to be sent off after tackling Alonso. As expected we were meant to win after Lampard got sent off but the longer the game went on we failed to break Chelsea down until Torres rescued us.

In the past we had just relied on Gerrard to bail us out but yesterday it was all about Torres. Credit must go to Aurelio for the first goal, what a cross and what a great header by Torres. 1-0 up and game over. And with seconds to go, Yossi does great work down the right to create another opportunity for Torres and Torres does not miss from there. Torres is back and Liverpool is back!

The most important thing was that we got 3 points and we keep the pressure on United. Now we have to make sure we build from this and keep on winning.


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  1. Tonka says:

    Just back into work today as I took a day off too recover from my weekend in England which was brought to the best ending ever at Anfield. Even though i thought i was going to die of the cold in the ground during the first half there was no chance of being cold after the break as the Anfield crown bayed for blood. ATTACK !! ATTACK !! ATTACK !! was roared everytime we came forward. We all knew a goal was coming but leaving it to the last few minutes was bad for the heart. A plus point however was the raw emotion the first goal brought to the crowd. We all went completely nuts, I thought I had bust a blood vessel in my head I screamed that load. Anyhow thanks lads for a top performance. We made Chelsea look like fools and although it was harsh Fat Boy Lamp’s sending off was superb entertainment as was much of Mr Wiley’s decisions from start to finish.