Date: 19th January 2009 at 12:30pm
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Brian Clough once famously said “it only takes a second to score a goal“. Never a truer word has been spoken that sums up the final minute of the ManU and Chelsea matches on Saturday. With practically only injury time left the red majority of Liverpool were celebrating or like me waiting for the final whistle to pronounce the awesome news that ManU had drawn and Chelsea were beat. A sickly feeling came over me several minutes later and it was nothing to do with the several pints of Carling I had comsumed that afternoon. My sudden illness was brought about by the site of Manu leap-frogging us into top spot of the EPL.

We now need to give an instant reply to Fergie and his men and this means going out tonight and playing Everton off the pitch, right out of Anfield and back to Goodison with nothing to show from the match apart from a few bruises. No more time for settling for 1 point draws. No more time Rafa for Kuyt up front on his own with near £50mill of striking talent sitting get splinters in their asses on the bench. No more time for trying to beat Fergie with stupid press statements. It’s time to do the talking on the pitch and show the Manc scum that this aint over by a long shot. The next 4 matches are crucial in LFC’s season. By the 2nd of Feb we will know exactly were we stand in both the EPL and the FA Cup or else we will know that it could be another year of wishful thinking.

Good news is Alonso and Torres have pronounced thenselves fit.  Bye, bye Lucas please – (lightweight). Better still Everton will be without the ever improving member of the Hair Bear Bunch Fellaini. Everton will also start without any out and out striker as their great manager thought it would be a good idea to sell A.Johnston.

The 209th Derby see Liverpool on a 10 match unbeaten streak against Everton. However Everton come to Anfield searching for a fourth consecutive away win which would set a EPL club record. It makes you ask the question why they ever played with strikers at all as they have not managed to achieve this in 23years. Everton however have only one two of the last 18 Derbies and have not took 3 points away from Anfield since 1999. We are hoping to do the double over their local rivals for the second successive season and the fourth time in the Premier League. Prepare for some fireworks as Merseyside Premier League derbies have become notorious for red cards; 17 have been issued in total (11 to Everton players, six to Liverpool).

Player Quote Of The Week.

I couldn’t settle in Italy – it was like living in a foreign country.

Thanks goes to our legend Ian Rush for this one who must have forgot about the international flight that got him to Turin and also never noticed that everybody was talking a different language…


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