Date: 13th January 2009 at 8:22am
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I was quick to come out and support Rafa for the stance he took last week Friday against Sir Alex Ferguson. I thought that was a once off and the last we would hear from Rafa but he has continued further now and I think he is loosing it now! The Spaniard questioned whether Manchester United chief executive David Gill should be allowed to hold his position as a board member at the Football Association. Benitez said: “They were saying we are a threat. Now they know we are, they are playing mind games. But when you have control of everything and your chief executive is powerful in the FA and things like this, then that is not mind games.

“Is there a conflict of interest with David Gill at the FA? That is another fact. It is a fact that one person has a lot of power and control, and is on a lot of committees in the FA. To me that is very strange.”

Yet again, Rafa has a valid point about Gill’s role at United and the FA but is this the kind of stuff you should be saying to the whole world? Let’s just leave all this talk and let the talking happen on the field. As has been pointed out, this is not the Liverpool way of doing things. We do not air our views to the public. And now Rafa seems to be at loggerheads with the American owners with regards to his new contract. Rafa wants to be incharge with all aspects of transfers at the club and the owners are not willing to give him total control and thus the reason no new contract has been signed by Rafa. The owners should take note that this is the exact same reason Rafa left Valencia. I do not want Rafa to leave at all and I hope the owners share my views. I think Rafa just needs to calm down, maybe the operation he had is taking an effect on him and it will wear off soon.


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    Its losing, not loosing