Date: 12th September 2008 at 6:02am
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This game needs no hype, the title above is enough, no fancy headline writing required. Liverpool V ManU, what a game, it has it all, passion, drama and supporters across the world on the edge of their seat as the result means everything. It is in my opinion the “Old Firm” match of England. Forget the Merseyside Derby, this for most Liverpool fans is the Big One.

We head into tomorrows match ahead of Utd by three points but they have a game in hand. A win tomorrow, especially with ManU facing Chelsea in another massive match next week, would be a major morale boost for the club but before we get carried away preparations have hardly been the best. Only Rafa knows what team he going to play and could see Thee Reds taking the field without Torres up front and our inspirational captain missing as well. If so, it will be interesting to see how Liverpool cope without their two best players on the pitch.

We must go into tomorrows match forgetting about recent history on this one as it is not pretty reading. ManU make their shortest trip outside Manchester to Liverpool with an impressive record at Anfield. Although we are looking for a 10th successive home league win it’s against the only team that left Anfield with all three points last season. Sir Balex Feguson also holds an unbeaten league record against his opposite number Rafa Benitez of seven wins and one draw. Benitez’ only success was Liverpool’s fifth round victory in the FA Cup in Feb 06. Another poor stat is that Utd are chasing a 6th successive EPL victory over us and the third in a row at Anfield. Liverpool have have suffered more Premier League defeats (18), dropped more points (68) and conceded more goals (48) to ManU than than any other club. The only point in 24 Liverpool have gained against Utd came from a goalless draw at Anfield on 18th Sep 2005 and we haven’t beaten them at Anfield since a 3-1 victory on 4th Nov 2001. In 115 home EPL matches we have lost 13 and 5 of those defeats have been at the hands of ManU.

So my brothers in arms what does all this mean. Well if you believe stats then don’t even turn on the TV tomorrow but go shopping with the wife or take the kids to the park cause this is a forgone conclusion before a ball is even kicked. Or else confine all stats to the bin and sit glued to the telly for 90mins scared to blink in case something is missed, shout for every corner and throw in, dispute every decision that goes against Liverpool and come tomorrow afternoon be either floating through wonderland on the back of your early Saturday drinking and a win against ManU or befound in the depths of dispair as this season passes like so many before with the Mancs heading back home with all three points. With my elder bro being a ManU fanatic this match means so much to me and the fact that I have to keep turning my mobile phone off after this fixture is starting to get a bit annoying.

Players to watch out for – Berbatov, Rooney,Nani, Anderson, Tevez and a few others.

Prediction – I’m sorry but have to say away win and mobile turned off again. (But please Liverpool prove me wrong)

Shankly Quote of the Week –

“Sorry, boss, I should have kept my legs together,” said Lawrence. “No, Tommy, your mother should have kept her legs together!,” replied Shankly.

  • After Tommy Lawrence had let in a fluke goal between his legs



4 responses to “Liverpool v Man Utd – Sat 13th Sep 12:45”

  1. Ron says:

    Always love your Shankly quotes Dave! It is a big one tomorrow and I know the feeling of having to switch off your cellphone after the game. Hopefully I will be leaving mine on after lunch tomorrow and be the one to exhaust my bill my calling all those Man U fans. I think we are going to win tomorrow. We are overdue a win against these guys and we going to shed it 1-0 thanks to a goal by Keane.

  2. Bobaldo says:

    You know what i’d love to see on this site? It’s a betting pool where all true fans can pool their funds together and make wagers on the outcome of Rafa’s team selection, the first goal scorer, the MOTM, the winner, the score line etc with the winner taking all! Now that would be very interesting indeed… that way i’m not donating my funds to the bookies, instead i’m challenging my fellow LFC supporters and the many detractors out there too. All those Mancs that feel they can rob our trophy cabinet would surely not have the courage to put their money where their mouths are!

    As for tomorrows game; oddly enough, i do not have any fears or fellings about the result so for the 1st time in a long while, i will watch this game completely relaxed and enjoy the atmosphere whilst sipping a mid-day lager. This can only lead to a LFC victory! In order to be a sport: LFC 2 – MUFC 1…. YNWA

  3. Bobaldo says:

    Another word… Gerrard and Torres both fit for tomorrow! Perhaps i’ll revise my scoreline a little later.

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