Date: 27th August 2008 at 2:50pm
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Reports today say that Newcastle winger, James Milner, has handed in a transfer request and wants to leave the club before the transfer window closes. Now, we had been linked with James Milner earlier on in the transfer window in a bid to fill the hole in the left hand side of our midfield. Now with this news surfacing today about Milner and that he fancies a move to Liverpool or Villa, should Rafa take notice of this and rather get Milner than Riera?

Perosnally, I do not think Milner is a great player, he may still be young being 22 years old and he has bags of talent for his age but asking him to come into a team like Liverpool and putting all the weight on his shoulders to be our ‘left solution’ may be a bit too much to ask of him. Milner has the benefit that he has played in the Premiership for a while and thus will not have to adjust to the English game. But then again, Riera has also had a spell in English football during his time at Manchester City.

Milner is English, which would be beneficial when the 6-5 rule comes into play and I guess that is one of the main reasons Rafa wanted Barry so much.

Given the option, I feel I would rather have Riera than Milner. I have just not been too convinced about Milner. But if funds are available, maybe Rafa will scoop both of them up. What do you guys think: Milner or Riera?


5 responses to “James Milner or Albert Riera?”

  1. Dave - N.Ireland says:

    I would go with the Spaniard as I still think Milner has a bit to learn. I have to admit that I do not know much about Riera but i do not that he played a big part in Spain’s qualification for the Euro Championship only to lost his place for the finals. In a perfect world i would have both but I think we know that will never happen so Riera it is for me.

  2. Ron says:

    I am just thinking about it now, if Milner wants to leave Newcastle and Keegan wants Pennant then why not do a swap deal? We would have to pay a bit more cash on top, maybe 4m but it could be worth it and we get both Riera and Milner.

  3. burt says:

    we’ll propably end up with either riera or both. Benitez is after a left footed plyer so for me that can only be riera. there is no point in having another right footer on the left or we might as well stay as we are.

    Having both wwould be interesting, both have very contrasting styles which could prove successful.

  4. Benjamin says:

    Riera please.

  5. Tom - Aus says:

    I like the idea of the swap with Pennant and then getting both. Could create some competition within the club for the starting 11 but as long as its healthy it can only be positive