Date: 27th July 2008 at 8:32am
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Reports this weekend suggest that Robbie Keane will complete his transfer from Spurs to Liverpool this coming week. Keane was left on the bench in Spurs last pre-season game as the Irish striker feared getting injured in the game, as the injury could have prevented his dream move to Liverpool. It is understood that Liverpool will pay about £18m for the striker and Keane will sign a 5 year contract worth £90 000 a week.

Now that the signing of Keane looks almost done; how great a signing is this going to be for Liverpool? Personally, I am a fan of Robbie Keane and I am very happy that he will be a Liverpool player very soon. First things first, I think Keane will be given the famous number 7 jursey. I had my reservations when Smicer wore the jursey. Then Kewell wore it and I thought we have finally gotten someone worthy of wearing the jursey, but we all know how Kewell let us down. Now if Keane gets the jursey, I think he will make us proud.

On the field, I think the Keane – Torres partnership could be very lethal. Keane would play in the position just behind Torres. The position Gerrard occupied most of last season. This would see Gerrard push back into a more central midfield role which is where I think is his best position. Looking at how well Keane linked up with Berbatov at Spurs, I think Keane will link up well not only with Torres but with the guys supporting him in midfield.

What I also like up Keane is that, we are signing a play who has shown his worth in the Premiership. We have not gone out and gotten a player from Spain or Holland who has never played in the Premiership. There will be no excuse of Keane having to settle in and adjust to the pace of the Premiership as he has done it before.

Looking at our squad, with the addition of Keane, just look at how many leaders there will be on the field? Gerrard is captain and Carragher is vice-captain. Keane was captain at Spurs and also leads Ireland. You have Torres who was captain of Atletico Madrid. If Garth Barry signs, you also have a player who was captain of Aston Villa. So there will be no problems in terms of leadership. One may say there are too many leaders on the field but as long as Stevie G is on the park, they will all know who is incharge.

I just hope this Robbie Keane deal gets sealed very soon and we can start thinking of a new Kop chant for him!


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  1. Benjamin says:

    I couldn’t agree more about #7 Robbie Keane, I think he will be massive for us.