Date: 18th July 2008 at 9:01pm
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Speaking of Carson, he has been sold to West Bromich Albion for £3.25 million. Now, I realize that seems a bit less than what was being advertised as his value earlier on, but there are a few issues to address regarding that I think.

1. We sent him to a squad which for all intents and purposes are not competing with us. There is a reason you don’t see moves between the top 4 very often, and why it is difficult for those clubs in the middle of the pack to justify sending us their stars when they are in fact attempting to unseat us. So there’s that, we don’t have to worry about him as a competitor for the near future.

2. It says a lot to me that Villa weren’t interested for at least 5-6 million or as making him a strategic part of the Barry saga. They would rather make a move for Friedel, or even *shudder* Paul Robinson. I personally rate Carson over both of them, especially with him being more than a decade younger than Friedel. Carson is a keeper that could mind the net for a side for the next 10-15 years. With that in mind, I wouldn’t be surprised if we had some sort of sell-on aggrement with West Brom, bringing this deal up to the aforementioned 5-6 million in a few years. That is just my personal assumption however.

3. While the funds certainly do help, and yes we may be desperate for them, there is also the idea that perhaps Rafa and the club are doing what is best for Scott. Sending him out on loan time and again has proved trying on him, and has certainly not fared his disposition any better. He has gotten grumpy with us for stunting him, and he is correct on all fronts in that area for the most part. It was the right thing to move him along, regardless of what else may be going on, and we found an opportunity to do so which had no direct influence on our closer rivals.

Anyhow, no offense to West Brom, but we’ll take our cash and move on, knowing that Carson will be either in the Championship or heading to yet another new home after this season. Of course, there is always the chance WBA will remain in the top flight, but I refuse to honestly credit that as an option until the cards are a bit more on the table. They will have an uphill struggle no doubt.

So good luck Mr. Carson and thanks for your services.


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