Date: 16th July 2008 at 7:41am
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Reports this morning suggest that Liverpool are willing to spend an incredible £20m for Robbie Keane. Now I have no idea where we expect to get £20m from since we apparently have no cash to spend in the transfer market. A lot of our summer spending hinged on selling players so we could get cash to buy new ones. A lot depended on Xabi Alonso being sold to Juventus but that deal has fallen through and the money from the Alonso sale was meant to be used to get Gareth Barry anyway. So I am still wondering how we could possible sign Keane for £20m?

The other question is; is Keane actually worth £20m? Yes he has a proven record in the Premiership and it would not be one of those signings where we have to wait and find out if he can adjust to the Premiership. Keane would be an ideal partner for Torres upfront. I am not too sure about his age, Keane is 28 years old and in football terms that is getting a bit old and the pace may start to be lacking. I personally think £20m is a bit too much but with the prices some of these players are going for these days, it does not surprise me.


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    Yeah we supposedly had around 45 million refinanced for investment into the club (read:transfers). Also, the fact that Rafa came out and said we don’t have any money tells me that…..

    We have money. I wouldn’t be surprised by anything at this point. Aguero and Silva please.