Date: 10th July 2008 at 6:19pm
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Between all the quotes coming out of the boss the past few days, I have to think that Rafa is working some sort of angle on our transfer targets. First, declaring Villa a target and now poo poo’ing the idea as being out of the realm of possibility.

Second, after months upon months of speculation as to our summer transfer budget, all of a sudden he decides today is the day to reveal we have to sell to buy. That we will offload unsettled players for cash generation. He could have decided to tell us this in March, so why wait till July?

It seems to me that he is attempting to elevate prices for our rivals (esp with D. Villa) while claiming low cash flow to possibly lower price tags on our own targets. This just tells me that Villa may truly have been a smokescreen, something to blow in all our eyes while we swoop where we truly intend to.


That said, Rafa has also declared that we’ll be seeing a mixture of those youngsters on the cusp of first team action along with our new signings. Something such as this perhaps:






————pick your gk————

Of course that is all pure speculation on my part as there are many players in contention to get a look I’m sure. We’ll most likely see Insua and Plessis as well. The match is live on Setanta, and I will most likely take a peek and see what we’re up to against our city rivals.

I’m curious as to who all you would like to see on the pitch for our friendlies here at the very beginning with some of our major players still away.


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